Terms and Conditions

Accept the terms and Conditions before you make use of the services available on our website hpcomsetup.com. Use the information provided to know more about the Device, its Features, and troubleshooting Guidelines

Privacy Policy for our website hpcomsetup.com

The privacy policy is all about how we Collect, Share, transfer and secure the Data or Information collected from the Users. All the data or Information Collected from the Users is maintained Confidential and we do not disclose any information without the Consent of the users

It is equally important to follow the privacy policy available on our website.

Copyrights and Trade Marks

We follow the respective Copyrights and the trade Marks rules and regulations to prevent the Duplication of any Information or Data available on our website


In the event that we find any Issues or Misuse, same Information will be communicated to the respective judicial authorities

Also, we suggest the users not to involve in any activities that are harmful, abusive or cause Damage to person or entity and any such action will be strictly penalized

User responsibility

It is the responsibility of the Users to maintain all the Information, account details safe. We are not liable for any misuse or misinterpretation of your account

Third-party services

Our website hpcomsetup.com is not liable for the Services provided by the third party Organizations. Besides, Users can contact the third party Organizations directly to resolve all their queries and issues related to the services offered by the third party Organizations

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide the required Information about the HP printers, the features, specifications of the Printers. We focus on our customers and request them to read the terms and Conditions, Privacy policy before they access our website

Refund Policies

Refund policies are applicable if you want to cancel any service. Your refund will be valid for a period of minimum 30 days. Furthermore, Visit our website to know more about the Refund policies that are available

Reservation of Rights

No users have the rights to make use of our website Information or change it without the Consent of the respective website authorities. Additionally, Rules and regulations are available to prevent the misuse of Data available on our website

Data Collection

We collect Data or the Information from the users and are used to create the Account, access the required Service, and Cancel the service that is not required

Purpose of Data Collection

  • We collect the Data or information and make use of it to verify the Identity, Troubleshoot, Overcome the Errors associated with the Service
  • Also to create an Account, Make any Transactions if required

Information Provided to the Users

We provide Information about the Device, its features, Specifications; steps to troubleshoot the Device and overcome the errors associated with it.

For further Information, the users can Contact the team of experts available either via email or via the toll-free number Provided On our website

Limitation of Liability

 Our website is not liable in case of errors or Damage that arise due to the improper usage of the website. It is essential to follow all the rules and regulations, mentioned on our website hpcomsetup.com

Charge Back Rules to be Followed

Charge Back Rules clearly explains that the cardholder must take the responsibility in case any Issue Arises. We take necessary steps to prevent any Event or Issue that is Offensive

Visit our website, if you require more Information about the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy. We have the team of experts to Support and assist you Further


We ensure that we Communicate with all the users in a respectful way and ensure that we resolve all their Issues and Queries effectively.

We also request all the users to Communicate with the website authorities in an effective and polite manner

Also, make a note that all the Information Provided On our website is for Informational   Purpose Only. It is essential not to violate the terms and Conditions that are available on our website