Why Do I Get the Printer HP DeskJet 2540 Offline? – HP Printer Issues

The printer HP DeskJet 2540 offline error occurs due to one or more reasons when the HP 2540 DeskJet is not connected, and/or when it is offline. Or simple yet,when there is no internet connectivity that the printer receives from your router. The HP DeskJet 2540 is famous for its low-cost budget where any print job can be carried out wirelessly.

HP Deskjet 2540 Offline Error

HP Deskjet 2540 Offline Error

Resolving the HP DeskJet 2540 Offline

When you find yourself stranded with the printer offline of DeskJet 2540, try the first basic step of troubleshooting it out. The troubleshooting is quite simple and effortless when it comes to solving the problem.

Almost all the series have the same error pop up when the printer vanishes to an offline mode. Any model of PC or OS that the printer runs in faces this similar kind of problem.

Main Reasons – The HP DeskJet 2540 Offline Error

Anysort of problem that has to do with the connectivity will quite often lead to a printer offline error. Try and figure which of them that is causing the message to pop up.

  • Internet not received by the printer
  • Wi-Fi not connected to DeskJet 2540
  • Printer software not recognized by your pc
  • Computer and printer are on different networks
  • Printer does not recognize your PC
  • Printer not connected with USB

If you feel any of these is causing the problem that is currently stopping your print jobs, first rectify them and then carry out other tasks. Without solving this, you can never  accomplish your print jobs.

Troubleshooting and WPS Pin Connection of 2540

The HP DeskJet 2540 WPS pin is nothing but the setup Code that will help you activate the wireless connection to your Router from the printer.


  • The WPSPIN/ code
  • Disconnection of USB
  • The SSID

How to Change the Offline Status of HP DeskJet 2540?

  • Setup new software from HP store
  • Download the latest drivers and have them fully installed and functional
  • The printer will have a default, USB connection set in the Windows / Mac PC
  • Go to your PC to pick the Printer Software and Setup
  • Click down on the ‘Convert USB Connected Printer to a Wireless’ option
  • This kind of selection will depend completely on the version and PC you use
  • Sometimes the selection will read ‘connect a New Printer’ too
  • Get WIFI router/ modem ready and connected, running in good condition
  • As you click on the option , it will ask you to enter the Code (HP DeskJet 2540 WPS pin)
  • The HP’s DeskJet 2540 pin will have already been set apart and written down
  • Feed in this pin to the tile that is asked by the PC prompt
  • Now, the Printer, computer and the Router will all be connected down to the same Wireless network

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