Privacy Policy

Accept the terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy before you use the Services that are available. Privacy policy explains how we collect the Data, the required Information, Secure the Data Provided.

Data Collection

Users can provide the Data or Information either via Email or Chat services that are available on our website.

Personal information

Our website collect the Personal Information like Username, Email address, Credit Card Details. All the Information which you provide will be secure and useful while you make any Purchase or Transactions

Personal Information is essential to Communicate with the Users. In addition, we make use of the Information to accept the service request from the Users

Provide your Credit Card information If you wish to make any Transaction or payments.

Jurisdiction or laws to secure your Information

We follow the relevant laws and regulations in case if there is any Violation or misuse of the Data provided by the users

You will be notified in case if any Changes are required

 Access to Third Party websites

Our website is not liable for loss or misuse, misinterpretation associated with third-party Web sites. Users can Contact them directly to resolve any Errors associated with it


Cookies are used to access the website traffic and also to download the required Documents. Before you proceed to make use of the cookies, ensure that you do not accept it from any unauthorized or malicious websites.

Unblock the Cookies to successfully proceed with the transaction or Purchase Process

User location

Share your Location Information to proceed with any Payment or transactions and we assure to keep all your Information safe and secure. We can also suggest you the latest Offers that are available


All the information which you provide will be secure and confidential. In the event that you come across any misuse or abuse, Share the information to our website authorities or the legal authorities

We will not disclose any Information without the Consent of the users

User Responsibility

It is the responsibility of all the users to keep the User accounts, Credentials like Username and the Password secure. We are not responsible for the Loss of Misuse of the Account Information, Credentials like the username and the Password

To know more about the terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy related to our website, you can either visit our website or dial the toll-free number provided.

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