HP Laserjet p2035 Network Configuration Page

A network configuration page clearly indicates the status log, printer settings, and basically, the wireless settings of a particular printer. Perform the HP Laserjet p2035 Network Configuration Page Print to self-test the device.This information helps a user reconfigure IP settings to either troubleshoot or simply test the printer for workability. Complete the activity by pressing the ‘Go’ button for about five seconds before releasing it.

HP Laserjet p2035 Network Configuration Page Print

HP Laserjet p2035 Network Configuration Page Print

Network Configuration Page

Basically, you will find two different types of information printed on the Network Configuration Page namely, General and Miscellaneous. General consists of the following noteworthy information, which can be used through the EWS to affirm their values:

  • Network Status
  • Active Connection Type
  • URL
  • Hardware Address (MAC)
  • Firmware Version
  • Host Name
  • IP Address
  • Subnet Mask
  • Default Gateway
  • Configuration Source
  • DNS Server
  • Admin Password
  • Link Config
  • mDNS

Embedded Web Server

  • Individual printer settings can be modified or viewed easily through the EWS or Embedded Web Server.
  • If you are using two-line control panels then
    • To launch the HP Embedded Web Server (EWS) press the OK button on the control panel of the device
    • Go to the Network Setup Menu to open the Show IP Address
    • Here you will see the IP Address or the Host Name
  • For Touchscreen panels on the printer
    • At the Home Screen you just have to touch the Wireless or the Connection Information button
    • Thereafter, to display the IP address or the Host press the Network Wi-Fi On button or the Network Connected button

On a Computer

  • The IP address or the host name has to be entered exactly as displayed on the printer on a compatible web browser
  • Press the Enter Key to open the EWS
  • There could be an issue if you see a message stating ‘There is a problem with this website’s security certificate’
  • In such a case, simply click on ‘Continue to this website (not recommended)’ message to go ahead and open the EWS
  • Obtain the network information from the ‘Networking’ tab and then change the settings as required

Renaming the Printer

  • You can use the EWS to rename the printer to identify it uniquely
  • Depending upon the control panel, the following steps might vary

Button Control Panels

  • Open the laserjet Network Setup -> Show IP Address -> display the IP Address / host name


  • Home screen -> Connection Information -> Network Connected / Network Wi-Fi On -> display IP address / host name
  • Override the security certificate message
  • From a computer’s web browser go to Systems -> Device Information -> Device Status
  • Change the name here to identify your printer differently
  • To save the changes made, click on the ‘Apply’ button

Manual TCP/IP Configuration from the Control Panel

  • To manually set an IPv4 address, subnet mask, and default gateway use the menus embedded on the Control Panel
  • Press ‘Ok’ first and then open Network Setup menu, TCP/IP configuration menu and the Manual tab
  • Thereafter, using the ‘Ok’ button for confirmation and the arrow keys to scroll, enter the following information:
    • IP Address
    • Subnet Mask
    • Default Gateway
  • Finally, save all the changes by press the ‘Ok’ button

Touchscreen Configuration

  • Here too, you may have to open all three menus – the IP address, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway
  • After entering the values in each of these tabs, you have to press on the ‘Ok’ button first and then on the ‘Yes’ button to issue a confirmation

Check with our agents about how to use the HP Laserjet p2035 Network Configuration Page constructively.

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