HP Wireless Printer Setup for Windows 10

If you have HP wireless printers at your home, start the setup for Windows 10 and execute it right away. Choose a Windows 10 device and turn it on to begin the setup and to connect the HP printer that you are going to use. Some of the requirements for this setup to be successful include,

HP Wireless Printer Setup for Windows 10

HP Wireless Printer Setup for Windows 10

  • Wireless HP printer
  • Router with wireless capabilities
  • Windows 10 PC or laptop
  • Necessary driver files to complete setup
  • Installation CD

Read and understand HP wireless printer setup for Windows 10 before you proceed with the setup process

Steps for HP Wireless Printer Setup for Windows 10

  • To start with, your printer must be ready for the setup
  • You just need to have all the requisites that include the cables to connect to the device, web page URL (123.hp.com/setup) for software download
  • Now start connecting all the cables in the slot and make sure that the cable connections are secure and active
  • Go to the respective HP customer support page and find out the compatible software version to use with your device
  • Finally, choose the wireless network connection or turn on the wireless icon to connect the device to the network
  • Answer all the instructions of the wireless setup wizard right and do not miss any of the steps

 Power ON your Windows 10 Device to Add the Printer

  • To start with, check if the mobile device or computer that you use have Windows 10 operating system. Once you verify the version you can begin with connecting the printer
  • Start your search to find out the Windows K + Q option
  • Now type, printers and scanners in the search tab
  • You will now get the search results on your device display screen
  • Begin checking the internet connection that you use to connect the mobile device and verify the settings
  • Double tap on the option, Add printer and scanner and select the printer name from the list that appears
  • After you make the device selection you can just double tap on the option to Add device
  • Finally, wait for some time and the printer will automatically get added

Add the Printer to the Windows 10 Device and Start Printing

Some users often come across printing errors and we suggest checking and verifying the printer settings, internet connection settings and a lot more.

HP wireless printer setup for Windows 10 require more assistance for the setup and our customer support executives are always happy to assist you. Call us @ +1-888-719-4470

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