Read the Steps to Troubleshoot your HP Printer Problems |

Fix HP Printer Problems | HP Printer Troubleshooting Guide

By keeping an eye on comfortable user experience, HP is always upgrading their printer features by blending with new technologies. As equal as new trend incorporation, chances are there to get tampered. Errors and faults may happen due to user mishandling and several other external factors around the device. So, it is a must one to know about common troubleshooting steps to tackle those gratuitous faults amid the prints.

Note : Here we give you the common HP printer troubleshooting steps to overcome the major errors prevailing among the printer models

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix your HP Printer Problems

HP Printer Troubleshooting

HP Printer Troubleshooting

Choosing Appropriate Ink Cartridges

  • HP always recommends the users to use only the genuine HP ink cartridges from the original package
  • The print quality and reliability cannot be guaranteed if any non-HP ink cartridges or refilled cartridges are used in the printers
  • Thereby, if you are facing any errors on printing quality, the foremost check that you have do is checking out the ink cartridges
  • HP provides instant ink support for most of the latest printers, which lets you to easily get the ink cartridges automatically, whenever you are draining out of ink

Network Connectivity Issues

  • Position the printer and the router as close as possible to get the strong signal strength
  • Avoid any interference prevailing between the printer and the internet source
  • Restart your printer and computer and reconnect to the internet network from the beginning

Printing a Diagnostic Page

  • To maintain the good prints, you have to use the paper with the right quality
  • First, to print a test page from HP printer, take a letter size plain paper
  • In the printer’s control panel, Go to the ‘setup’->Tools->print quality report
  • You will the test page with color blocks showing the intensity of ink on your paper and other alignment patterns to diagnose the printer problems

HP Print and Scan Doctor (For Windows only)

Most often, the users come  across ‘printer offline’ error and HP offers an exclusive software called ‘print and scan doctor’ to overcome this offline error

Follow the below steps to proceed with the software,

  • In the first place, turn on the printer that you have selected to troubleshoot
  • Access the to download the print and scan doctor software
  • Connect the printer and computer to the same Wi-Fi network
  • If your printer shows offline status, then select the yes option in the pop-up, otherwise, click ‘No’
  • After installation, open the software and accept the terms & conditions
  • Click the ‘start’ button and select the printer connected to your computer using the USB cable or network
  • If you are unable to find your printer in the list, then select the ‘My printer is not listed’ option
  • After that, select your printer series, and the tool will start to scan the problems with the printer

Follow the on-screen troubleshooting prompts to rectify the detected errors in the printer.For furthermore questions about HP printer troubleshooting, Reach out our team by the toll-free number +1-888-719-4470