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HP Printers are of different types and you can choose the best model that has top features and specifications. As you start printing with any model you will be stuck with errors and our HP Printer support team is available 24/7 to offer you the required support and guidance.

Our Certified Techies to Assist You

We have a team of certified techies who can answer all your queries and help you to overcome the errors associated with your Printer model. The best part is we always focus on customer satisfaction and make sure that we offer quality support to all our customers. Get the HP Printer support to resolve all your printing errors. Also start identifying the type of error first and then begin with the respective troubleshooting guide to resolve it right away.

Common Printer Errors

The most common errors that pop up if you use any printer model are listed below. Apart from the errors listed below there are other errors too.

  • Unable to print the documents
  • Cartridge error
  • Low ink level
  • Stuck print jobs
  • A software error on your Printer
  • Printer settings error

The Support that We Offer to Our Customers

Below are the common errors that pop up and the required assistance that we offer to our customers.

Assistance to Resolve Jammed Papers

  • If you are really stuck with the print jobs just check if there is any jammed paper inside.
  • If so you can try to remove it first and then start the task again.
  • Verify the printer settings and make sure that it is valid and accurate.
  • We always suggest our customers to remove the jammed paper first and guide them further to take it outside.

Troubleshoot Software Error

  • If the error is with the software that you use check the software version and make sure that it is the updated one.
  • We suggest our customers to visit the respective page and then type the name of the printer and the version of the operating system.
  • As you wait the search results will automatically appear.
  • We guide them to use the installation CD as an alternate method for software installation.

Guidance to Check the Printer Settings

  • Most of the printing errors popup due to improper printer settings.
  • Selecting the required settings will help you to avoid the errors to a greater extent.
  • Move to the control panel to find out the required settings.

Assistance to Resolve Cartridge Error

  • Few printing errors may be due to the improper positioning or alignment of the cartridge that you use.
  • Take out the cartridge from the slot and then start aligning it properly.
  • HP always suggest using the cartridge of its own brand and not any other.

Note :

Our support executives are available to guide our customers and help them to find out the latest cartridge brand to use with the printer model.

There are lot of other errors too and troubleshoot tips always depend upon the type of the error. If you want to know more about the support that we offer and the type of the error codes that popup you can navigate to our webpage  123.hp.com/setup . Speak to our HP Printer support team to get more updates.