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HP Ink Cartridge

HP printers are delivering a great printing quality by the assimilation of technologies to their printers. With this perfect blend, customers can get the unsurpassed quality of prints for all the document works. The prominent thing in the printer accessories is definitely their ink quality. With the improper proportion of ink cartridges and poor intensity over the paper, there will be an adverse effect on all the printing works.

Here, we have listed out the steps on how to install the ink cartridges into the slots and how to overcome the errors occurring with HP ink cartridges

Installation of the Ink Cartridge to the Printer Slots

  • After turning on the printer, you will receive the prompt on the control panel to insert the cartridges on the respective slots
  • Remove the wrappings of the ink cartridges and keep it in the position as shown in the user manual
  • Insert it in the slot and give a gentle press until it gets fixed to the slot
  • Always shake well before inserting the cartridges to the slot
  • Follow the on-screen prompts in the control panel and insert the stack of paper in the input tray
  • The printer itself automatically align print head in the initialization process

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HP Ink Cartridge

HP Ink Cartridge

How to Replace the Existing HP Ink Cartridge?

  • Press the power button and turn on your printer
  • Locate the ink cartridge access door and open the door to view the slots
  • Give a gentle press to the existing cartridge in the slot and it will eject out with a click
  • Take a new cartridge from the package and while inserting the new cartridge, don’t make contact with copper-colored contacts or ink port
  • Match the color label of the cartridges with the available slots and make sure to insert the right color on appropriate slots
  • Insert and straight away press the cartridge until it gets a tight hold
  • In the end, close the ink cartridge access door
  • For other slots also, follow the same above said steps

Available Ink Colors

  • Cyan
  • High yield cyan
  • Magenta
  • Black
  • High yield black
  • Yellow
  • High yield yellow


If there is any problem prevailing with the ink cartridges, then you can see the prompt called ‘incompatible cartridge’ or ‘cartridge problem’. Follow the below mentioned steps to rectify these errors,

  • Open the access door and clean the copper-colored contact in the ink cartridges
  • Otherwise, restart the printer using the following method
  • While the printer is in on condition, unplug the power cord and also remove the power adapter from the wall outlet
  • Then turn on the printer after some minutes, chances are there for error to vanish
  • Ensure you are using the defect-free HP ink cartridge and it should be not expired one also

In addition to the provided steps, if you want to have some support from our side for installation of HP ink cartridge, please call our team by the toll-free number +1-888-719-4470