HP Envy Printer Photo Tray Blocked Issues

Accomplish photo printing or just print plain documents with the help of the inimitable HP Envy Photo Printer. These are All-in-One devices that come in-built with varied functionalities and have the ability to print high-quality, lab-like photos in just a few minutes. The printer device re-imagines printing at home. With the capability of servicing regular printing requirements, the appliance lets you print, scan, and copy through its photo tray that can handle around 100 sheets.

HP Envy Printer Photo Tray Blocked Issues

HP Envy Printer Photo Tray Blocked Issues


Most of the HP Envy printers capable of printing photos come with two different trays – the Photo tray and the Main Standard. Built into the standard input tray the photo tray is precisely intended to accommodate photo papers.

Recommended Media Types

For best quality printing and to ensure that the HP Envy Printer is devoid of any tray-blocking or other printing tray issues, it is suggested to use HP’s paper recommendations.


  • There are several media types that you can use when printing photos depending upon your requirements such as the HP Premium Plus Photo Paper, HP Advanced Photo Paper and HP Everyday Photo Paper
  • The company offers some great HP Photo Value Packs for the users’ benefits

HP Premium Plus

  • Use the HP Premium Plus Photo paper with instant-dry attributes in the following sizes:
    • A4
    • 5 x 11 inches,
    • 4 x 6 inches or 10 x 15 cm
    • 5 x 7 inches or 13 x 18 cm
    • A3 or 11 x 17 inches
  • Two gloss finishes – the glossy or the semi-gloss or soft gloss

HP Everyday Photo

  • Low-cost paper that is used for daily snapshots
  • Accomplish casual photo printing that dries up quickly
  • The images are crisp and sharp with the paper
  • Finishing is available in glossy prints in different sizes such as 4 x 6 inches, standard A4 and 8.5 x 11 inches
  • The documents are free of acid and last longer

HP Advanced

  • This particular media type is thicker than usual and also features instant-dry
  • Without encouraging smudging, the paper is water-proof, humidity-proof and does not accept fingerprints and smears
  • Available in satin-matte and glossy finishes, these come in different sizes too

Value Packs

  • Along with the package, HP sends ink cartridges and the Advanced Photo paper
  • This makes printing affordable while also rendering photos in superior quality, vivid and long-lasting prints

Issues with the Photo Tray

  • The printer’s control panel displays a message indicating ‘Photo Tray Problem’
  • In addition, the device does not print either
  • Usually occurring in HP Envy printer models Envy 7640, 7645, 5660 and 5640, corrective measures usually include tray alignment, media selection and printer servicing
Issues with the Photo Tray

Issues with the Photo Tray

Alignment of the photo printer trays

  • Users must ensure that the photo tray is properly aligned in order to receive and execute print commands
  • Keep the appliance on a flat and uneven surface to ensure balance
  • Remove any residues and against the printing machine and the guides as well and pull the input tray outwards; you must also make sure that it is not removed completely
  • Push the output tray dish extender inwards and the detach it completely


  • Check if the photo tray is correctly placed and aligned
  • Adjust the grey guide tabs on both the sides, appropriately as well
  • Align any gaps that you see and correct any position of the photo tray
  • Finally, see if the photo tray is moving smoothly after pressing the tabs back into their positions
  • Try to print after re-installing the output tray – the edges of both the input and output trays should stay aligned to accomplish printing

Test printing

  • Use a USB cable to attach the printer to a computer
  • Download a picture and try printing
  • If your test print is unsuccessful, then it is recommended to service the printer
  • Call a professional to complete servicing

Unable to print from the photo tray

  • At another time, you just are unable to print from the ENVY Printer’s photo tray
  • Generally, this happens when the printer settings are in conflict with the photo tray or the device is just out of paper
  • Issue resolutions can be immediately executed if you could confirm the print settings through the app
  • Choose the appropriate ‘Paper Type’, ‘Photo Paper Tray’ and the ‘Paper Size’ to correct printing out of the photo tray

Photo paper

  • To ensure that the photo tray picks the paper up correctly, first, load it with the recommended media type
  • Then switch on the device and pull out from within the input tray
  • Pointing the short edge forward, load the paper with its print side facing down
  • If the photo paper has a perforated tab, then place this close to your own side, while keeping the print side still down
  • Now, adjust the paper guides inwards and center the papers on the tray
  • Reinstall all the trays to get the printer ready for a print job

Print settings adjustments

Windows 10

  • If you are using the Windows 10 app for photo printing, then adjust the print settings by clicking Menu -> Print
  • Then select the ‘Source’ as ‘Photo Tray’, the ‘Paper Size’ as 10x15cm or 4x6in
  • For the ‘Type’ choose the ‘Other photo inkjet papers’ option
  • Finally, for ‘Fit’ select ‘Fill Page’ and for ‘Photo Size’ choose ‘Full Page’
  • Now, save all your settings and conduct the ‘Print’ command

Photo Viewer Windows

  • While the Windows Photo Viewer is available on Windows 7, you can also configure this to be available on Windows 10
  • Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Set Your Default Programs
  • From under here, choose Windows Photo Viewer -> ‘Set this program as default’

Print adjustments

  • Open a photo to print and then right-click
  • Thereafter choose Open With -> Windows Photo Viewer -> Print
  • A drop-down menu appears from where you can adjust settings just as you did above
  • Select ‘HP Photo Papers’ against the ‘Paper Type’
  • Thereafter click Options -> Printer Properties from the next ‘Print Settings’ window
  • Then choose Printing Shortcut -> Photo Printing-Borderless -> Paper/Quality
  • From under ‘Paper / Quality’ you will get a ‘Paper Source’ where you should select ‘Photo Tray’
  • In the end click Advanced -> Advanced Options -> Paper Size -> 10×15cm or 4×6in -> Ok
  • To print the settings click Document Properties -> Ok -> Print Pictures -> Print

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