The new HP Envy 4520 printer is one of the best choices in the laser jet printer lineup. With a compact size and exquisite design, this printer allows you to take lucid print-outs with extra quality. Get rid of your old printer models, which hamper you in the middle of multiple documentation works.

HP Envy 4520 Ethernet Port Setup | Envy 4520 Setup

HP Envy 4520 Ethernet Port Setup

With customized features in the 4520 model, you can print, scan, copy quickly with simple touches. Both the wired and wireless connection options are available and connect your printer based on your comfort. For the wired connection, you must need an Ethernet cable to connect.

Follow the below steps to know about HP Envy 4520 Ethernet Port Setup to make a secure connection.

Extensive Features of Envy 4520

HP Instant Ink

No more snags by running out of ink in your printer in critical situations. With instant ink option, your printer will automatically order for new ink cartridges, after reaching out the drain level.

2-Sided Printing

You can take prints from both sides of your paper at the same time, thus reducing the paper wastage

Mobile printing

Embrace with HP Envy 4520 and print anywhere from your smartphone or tablet by using the free HP ePrint app. You can also take print outs even without wireless direct printing option by mobile printing.


Other miscellaneous features include borderless printing, ink saving feature, instant scan, copy, touch screen panel etc.

HP Envy 4520 Ethernet Port Setup 

Here we provide you with the easy steps for an Ethernet connection for HP Envy 4520 model,

Initial Setup

  • In the first place, finish all the initial setup process for the printer such as connecting to the power outlet, USB setup and driver installation etc
  • First, remove all the wrappings and tapes surrounding the printer
  • Also, slide out the paper input tray and remove the tapes provided inside the tray
  • Take the power cord from the package and plug one end to the rear end of the printer and another end to the power outlet from the wall
  • Now turn on the printer by pressing the power button in the top of the printer
  • Set the language settings, insert the ink cartridges in the respective available slots in the printer
  • Load a stack of paper by sliding out the input tray and adjusting the paper width guides

Ethernet Setup

  • Locate the available Ethernet port in the rear end of the printer
  • Plug one end of the Ethernet cable to the printer slot and another end to your PC
  • In your computer, go to the control panel settings, hardware, and sound and click the add a printer option to add your printer to the PC
  • Also, you can connect to the Ethernet by selecting the wired connection in the HP driver software in your PC
  • Based on the length of the Ethernet cable, place your printer and computer at a selective distance

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