Different Types of HP Envy 4520 Error Codes

The HP Envy 4520 is a powerful inkjet printer that has a range of features built into it. Advance in wireless has only prompted HP’s R&D department to cater to user instincts. Therefore, HP started formulating printing machines capable of mobile printing. The HP Envy 4520 particularly, is capable of HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Wireless Direct Printing and Mopria Service, the printer comes with support for multiple operating systems while being embedded with several software utilities.

Different Types of HP Envy 4520 Error Codes

Different Types of HP Envy 4520 Error Codes


  • Issues and troubles with the HP Envy 4520 error codes are uncommon
  • These problems are generally due to visible discrepancies that are highly resolvable

Range of Error Codes

If you see errors stretching from up to 64, these are indicative of specific errors only meant for the particular printer. These specifics could be related to (to name only a few)

  • Paper-feed errors
  • Scanner connection
  • Firmware updating errors
  • Line-voltage fluctuations
  • Detection of a loss of beam
  • Incorrect speed of the laser scanner
  • Internal communication errors
  • Environmental thermostat failure
  • Motor errors
  • Printer memory errors
  • Scan buffer errors

Specific Issues

  • Codes beginning with 68 are indicative of a problem in storage. It is most probably full
  • When errors begin with 68, it means there are cable issues
  • All error codes at 13 are a paper jam
    • To resolve this remove the jam carefully by opening the printer
    • Check at the cartridge access door, rollers, input and output tray areas to remove debris
    • If everything is cleared, the error should vanish, else just open and close the cover of the printer at the top
  • Code 20 means memory is insufficient, and code 21 means the printer is unable to handle the complexity of data sent to it
  • Code 41.3 is indicative of a paper-tray issue while 40 means the transmission to the printer is broken
  • 1 means one of the cartridges or even all of them still have a sealing tape that needs to be removed; without this action, the printer cannot find the contacts on the ink cartridges; it will be unable to print

0xc19a0005 error on HP Envy 4520 Inkjet Printers

Alphanumeric codes such as 0xc19a0005 are displayed on the printer with no description against it. When errors begin with OX, B or C, then you just have to reset the printer.

  • In the first instance, remove the ink cartridges and replace them back into their slots to clear the error message
  • Otherwise, turn the printer on and first, disconnect the USB cable attached to its rear
  • Leave the network or wireless connection on and then open the cartridge access door
  • Remove the ink cartridges and now, disconnect the power adapter
  • Detach it from the electrical outlet as well
  • Switch the printer on again after waiting for about 60 seconds
  • Attempt to place the ink cartridges back only after the printer has completed warm-up
  • Close the access door and then you should get a prompt to print a page and scan it for calibration
  • Now, print after you connected the USB cable back again

Types of HP Envy 4520 Error Codes

13 – causes

  • This means that the printer has encountered a paper jam
  • There has clearly been a mishap when the paper was being picked up, or when it was printing
  • At other times, the jam can occur when the paper is exiting as well
  • Usually, this error occurs when the type of media used is inappropriate, which is either too thick, or is damaged / wrinkled when placed into the input tray


  • On screen guidance will methodically help you remove the jam
  • At customer level, there is no need to dismantle the printer device
  • Just clear jams from accessible areas
  • For persistent error code 13, it means that the printer is having a hardware failure

20 and 21

  • Both these error codes are visualized when the current memory capacity of the printer exceeds indicative of a memory overflow
  • Uncheck the ‘Collate’ option or reduce the DPI in the printer driver
  • You could also try reducing your print job’s size
  • Install additional memory or simplify image or document outputs

40 – causes

  • The printer and computer have to stay connected with each other in order to communicate and provide you with the relevant outputs
  • When the connection between these devices is broken, then you could get an Error Code 40, which means there has been a Data Transfer Error


  • Check all cable placements and attachments
  • You may also want to ensure if the printer’s IP settings are in order
  • The settings should ideally match with the driver’s settings
  • Continue printing by pressing ‘Select’
  • And if some data is lost, during the process then the missing pages may have to be printed again

Errors 41

  • At 41 it means that there is a Temporary Print Engine issue that can be easily resolved by turning off the machine and then switching it on again
  • Make sure you wait for some time before turning it on again and then resending the print command

64 and 65

  • Both error codes 64 and 65 are Scan Buffer errors
  • This could mean that there is an improper or bad firmware along with a faulty DIMM (memory module), a defective formatter board or a faulty D.C. controller
  • Resetting the printer is the best resolution
  • But if the error does not dissolve, then replace the formatter board and the DIMMs

Errors 66

  • If there is a problem with the envelope or paper trays or other finishing units, then the error code 66 displays indicative of an External Paper Handling Device Error
  • Here too, you can reset the printer
  • Check connectivity between all the devices and then turn the printer on
  • If the issue is with the sensor or the board, then you may require the intervention of a certified engineer

67 – causes

  • Another memory error, it could also mean other things
  • Classified as a Service Printer Error or Memory Error, this could be a temporary one
  • It could also mean that the paper guide is defective or there has been a break in communication to the printer


  • Check all paper trays for any damages
  • Alternatively, check the I/O cable for proper installation and absence of damage
  • To test the cable get a different one, attach it and try reprinting

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