HP DJ3630 Troubleshooting

A new generation of personal printers has evolved with the introduction of the HP DeskJet 3630. Providing users with a decent speed of printing, and great quality outputs, the printer comes with an Instant Ink subscription that spells nothing but savings for the average consumer.

HP DeskJet 3630 Troubleshooting Guide

HP DeskJet 3630 Troubleshooting Guide

Fitting perfectly on your desk, this All-in-One Thermal inkjet technology printer provides prints with high resolutions of 4800 x 1200 dpi. While the printer is wonderful, it might encounter some hp dj3630 troubleshooting issues that have to be resolved from time to time.

The E4

  • When you see an ‘E4’ message being displayed on the printer, it means that there has been a paper jam
  • The printer instantly stops accepting page feeds and alternating ‘E’ and ‘4’ along with the ‘!’ error icon flashes
  • Sometimes paper jams are false – which means even if there is no jammed paper, there could be a message
  • In these cases, just turn the printer device off and after a while switch it on

Clear Jam

  • You may have to scan the input area, output area, ink cartridge access area and underneath the printer to remove any paper or debris
  • At any time, check if the error message clears when you press the ‘X’ or ‘Cancel’ button
  • Alternatively, remove any bits and pieces of paper that is present in all of these areas

Cartridge Area

  • Especially at the cartridge access door, open it and check thoroughly using some light
  • Now, close the access door and then remove the power cord from the printer even when it is ‘On’
  • You must check in the rollers and paper carriage mechanism as well for some torn papers
  • Remove the paper pieces, and thereafter, check if the carriages are able to move without any obstacles
  • Close all doors and then proceed to connect the power cords to turn the printer on

Cleaning Paper Rollers

  • To perform the cleaning process, ensure that you remove all papers from the input and output trays
  • Then do as follows:
    • Hold power button -> press Cancel button x 3 -> press Start Copy Color button x 7
  • For about a minute the printer will make some noise and then silence itself
  • You can also use the same procedure to clear any ink smears
  • Alternatively, try cleaning the paper rollers manually, inside the input tray
  • Utilize clean linen to do this

Poor Quality Printing

  • If you think that the printer is unable to provide you with good quality prints, then first check if the cartridges that you have placed into the device, are indeed genuine
  • This is extremely important because the company does not guarantee the performance of the device without authentic cartridges
  • Go to the HP Store to purchase a pair of replacement and dependable ink cartridges


  • Besides the ink cartridges that you use, ensure that the media that you have inserted for printing is of good quality
  • You may face warping, lines, ink smears and a range of other issues if your media is incorrect
  • Furthermore, check if you are actually taking an output on the ‘Printing’ side – this, especially if you are using a photo paper

Additional instructions to perform the hp dj3630 troubleshooting is available on our website 123.HPCOMSETUP.COM as well as with our agents by dialing @ +1-888-719-4470

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