How to Troubleshoot HP DeskJet 2540 Error State?

During the hp deskjet 2540 error state that the printer’s lights start blinking. The printer device does not respond to any commands, even if it seems connected.Generally, a printer reset should suffice to alleviate the issue. Alternatively, reinstalling the drivers and software for the printer, should do the trick.

How to Troubleshoot HP DeskJet 2540 Error State?

How to Troubleshoot HP DeskJet 2540 Error State?

Features of the HP DeskJet 2540

Belonging to the lower price range, and equipped with some of the simplest controls and an LCD, the HP DeskJet 2540 is designed for printer to PC connections.

Using standard high yield cartridges, the device does come with ‘Scan to Mobile’ functionality, allows fast wireless connection and is even compatible with AirPrint, ePrint and Wireless Direct.

Fashioned for the consumer with a different approach, the printer does not just pile on the features. Instead it is minimalist and provides exactly what a home or a small-office user might require.

For the kind of cost that the printer comes with, it is definitely a good deal for someone who is looking for a printing machine with wireless connectivity and nice prints.

HP DeskJet 2540 Error State

If you are using a Windows 10 Operating System, and if you are using a parallel port to connect it, then the port may not be compatible. Then you will get an error message ‘printer is in error state’.

Device Manager

  • Double-click on the Parallel Port from under the ‘Device Manager’ option
  • Thereafter, on the ‘Properties’ sheet, click on the ‘Port Settings’ tab
  • From here choose ‘Use any interrupt assigned to the port’, click on ‘Ok’
  • The system will detect the printer and the device should now be able to accept commands

Hard Reset

  • A hard reset is one of the quickest resolutions you can achieve for any electronic device
  • Remove the power cord from behind the printer and then plug it back in
  • Hold the power button pressed down for a few minutes, thereafter
  • If there is a USB cable attached, remove that as well
  • Then after some time, plug all power cords and other associated wires back again


  • Uninstalling and then installing your printer again will remove all the glitches from the system
  • It will seem new and fresh commands will be accepted by the device immediately
  • To apply reinstallation, select as follows:
  • Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Choose Printer name -> Uninstall -> complete the reinstall process


  • Software and driver updates are an important part of printer and sustained functioning
  • Try reinstalling or updating the HP DeskJet 2540 drivers to clear the error state
  • You can even uninstall the current drivers to reinstall them back again
  • Finally, restart both the computer and the printer to apply some print commands


  • Always ensure that you use genuine ink cartridges rather than third party accessories for your printing needs
  • Even replacing the ink cartridges with fresh ones can alleviate the error.

To appropriately diagnose the hp deskjet 2540 error state issue, download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool. Our agents are available round the clock to provide you with some comprehensive and personalized advice.Call +1-888-719-4470

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