HP Sprocket Plus Printer

No more stress of purchasing a big printer setup for printing your documents and photos at work. HP comes up with a new handy printer called HP Sprocket plus printer, which is actually a pocket printer. You can easily take this small printer anywhere and can print small size documents anywhere by just connecting with your mobile through an app. With its lightweight and compact size, it is easily portable, like a same Smartphone in your pocket, so that you can instantly print your snapshots at desirable quality anywhere.

How to Setup 123 HP Sprocket Plus?

The complete setup process of HP sprocket plus is elucidated in a step by step way below.

HP Sprocket Plus Setup

HP Sprocket Plus Setup

Installing Mobile App

  • In the first place, to connect your mobile phone with the sprocket printer you need to have the HP Sprocket app from the app store. So, to get the app, access hpsprocket.com/start and it will land on the app store page to download.
  • Otherwise, go to the Play store or IOS app store and type ‘HP Sprocket’ in the search bar. Choose the appropriate one for your search and click ‘Install’. Finally, the app will install in your mobile device.

Loading Paper

  • In the sprocket printer, remove the paper cover by gently sliding forward and take off the cover from the printer. An empty small compartment is provided for the paper input.
  • Now, unwrap the HP sprocket plus printer photo paper pack and ensure that the orange smart sheet in the pack with barcode is facing down.
  • Place both the paper and smart sheet in the input space and close it by replacing the paper cover.


  • For charging the device, insert the micro-USB cable end to the sprocket plus and insert the other end to the power slot.
  • The device will show red color indication while charging and it will turn into green color after 100% charge.

Pairing Mobile Device and Sprocket Plus Printer

  • Make sure that your sprocket plus is fully charged and then press and hold the power button until it shows white color indication.
  • First, connect your mobile to the sprocket plus via Bluetooth and then open the HP sprocket plus app on your mobile. Select the menu button in the top left corner after opening the app.
  • Click ‘Sprockets’ and then select your sprocket printer from the visible devices on the app.

HP Sprocket Plus Mobile App

HP Sprocket app is exclusively made for the sprocket plus printers, in which you can easily establish the connection between your mobile device and printer anywhere just with the help of Bluetooth. You can also connect your social media accounts and take out instant printouts of your exquisite pictures with at most quality.

Features of HP Sprocket Printer Plus

The main features of this HP sprocket plus printer are instant printing option, wee size and portable one, Zero ink technology with borderless printing and rechargeable battery. You can also customize your own pictures before making the prints.

If you require more information, visit 123.hp.com/setup

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