How to Setup the HP Sprocket Photo Printer?

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Setup

HP sprocket photo printer is well known for the top features and specifications and grab the attention of most of the users. The features are many and you will get an idea if you read and understand the reviews available.

Complete the HP Sprocket Printer Setup and start printing the documents in good quality and speed. There are  lot of troubleshooting tips to resolve the errors if you come across any. Identify the type of error first and proceed with the guide.

Top Features and Specifications of HP Sprocket Photo Printer

  • Excellent qualities of the Printed documents grab the interest of most of the customers and the device stands ahead in the market when compared with other models.
  • Users can carry it easily to any location and the good part is that they can use it even while they travel .
  • Compatible apps are available to use with the printer and you can start downloading it by visiting the app store
  • Charge the device using an external power bank. Just attach the power bank to power up the device.

Read the reviews and you will get an idea about the features and specifications of the HP Sprocket Photo Printer.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer Setup

It is easy to setup HP Sprocket Photo Printer and all you need to do is to execute a set of guidelines. Check out the steps below to complete the setup

  • To start with you must have all the requirements and this includes the necessary cables (Power cables to power up the device and Ethernet cable if you prefer the wired network connection). Just connect all the cables to the respective port.
  • If the device is new suggest you to start the first time printer setup that include taking out the printer from the package and then connecting the device to the Internet connection.
  • For this you require a mobile HP Sprocket app. Start downloading the HP Sprocket app from the store. Just go to the store and begin the HP Sprocket app search. You can wait until the search results appear. Before you start downloading the HP Sprocket app you can check the compatibility of the HP Sprocket app to use with the device
  • Finally go forward with the onscreen instructions to complete the HP Sprocket Photo Printer setup
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings menu to enable the Bluetooth settings.
  • A menu icon will now be visible on the screen and you can just tap on the sprocket tab. The very next step is to click on the Manage Printers tab. Wait until the list of printer names are visible and you are free to choose the name of the HP sprocket printer from the list. Suppose if the name of the Printer is not visible you can start adding the printer manually.
  • To start printer you can just load the paper into the paper input tray and make sure that you use good quality papers. Remove the top cover of the paper to slide the paper correctly in the respective position. Using the printer you can load up to 10 papers at a time. Suggest you to use a quality paper to use with the HP sprocket printer
  • Start calibrating the printer before you start all your print jobs. Open the HP sprocket app and then go to the home screen. The screen is where you can select the document or the Photo to be printed
  • Adjust the photo settings using the edit icon and you can proceed with the instructions that are visible on the screen. Wait until the calibration is complete and you can start printing your documents and photos.
  • Save the changes once you make the necessary settings and you will get the printouts in good speed and quality.

Troubleshoot HP Sprocket Device Setup Errors

Printer setup errors are common with any HP printer and the same with the HP Sprocket Photo Printer. If you come across any errors you can resolve it right away. Below are few steps to avoid the errors

  • Check if the HP sprocket mobile app that you use is compatible if not you can check the compatibility of the app before you proceed. Uninstall the HP sprocket app and try installing it again to check if the errors still remain or persist.
  • Verify the HP Sprocket Photo Printer settings once and make sure that it is accurate and valid.
  • If the documents are not printed check the alignment of the paper in the input tray and double check if you use the quality paper
  • Design features are really good and amazing and grab the interest of most of the customers.
  • Ensure that you choose the valid name of the Printer from the list that appears. If the printer name is not valid you can just type it manually.
  • Make sure that the pairing steps are accurate before you start pairing with the Mobile device

Use the above steps if you come across any errors and there are lot of other tips too

Read the reviews and you will have an idea about the features and specifications of HP Sprocket Photo Printer. If you read the setup instructions the process becomes much easy. To get more updates about the device setup you can read the information available on