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123.hp.com/Setup Envy Guidelines 

Envy printer models are of different types and stand ahead in the market today with wide variety of features. It is easy to execute the Envy printer setup and if you have one such HP printer at your home, start the setup right way with 123.hp.com setup envy guidelines.Begin all your print jobs to get the print outs in outstanding print quality and speed. The first and the foremost step of Envy printer setup is collecting the preliminary requirements. The very next step is to establish a good speed network connection.

Top Envy Printer Models

There are a lot of Envy printer models available in the market today such as HP Envy 5055, HP Envy 4500 and HP Envy 4520. Check out the reviews, try to understand the features and specifications before you buy the device. Make a note that the setup steps vary for Windows and Mac operating systems and you can start executing the steps depending upon the version that you have.

123.hp.com Envy Printer Setup

  • Let us start with the Envy printer setup
  • If yours is a brand-new printer, then gather all the necessary cables and start inserting them into the respective slots
  • If you have an Ethernet cable and if you prefer a wired network connection try to connect it to the respective slot

Software Download Methods

There are two common methods for software installation and you can decide which one to choose.

123.hp.com/envy setup | HP Envy Printer Setup

HP Envy Printer Setup

123.hp.com/setup Envy Page

  • Users who prefer the software download from 123.hp.com setup envy can just type the name of the device and version of operating system
  • The compatible software and driver download version will be visible under the Driver download section
  • Find out the software from the section and click on the download tab
  • The final step is to go forward with the onscreen  instructions

Using the Installation CD

  • Begin by inserting the CD into the computer and open the setup file
  • Open the file that is visible on the device display screen
  • Double tap on it and carry on with the onscreen guide
  • Wait for a while and the software download process will complete automatically
HP Envy Printer Setup

HP Envy Wireless Printer Setup

Connect the Device to the Network Connection

  • Check if your Envy printer model has auto wireless feature
  • If you have, just turn it on and wait for a while until the device gets automatically connected to the network
  • Enable the option Yes and the wireless settings will be automatically send to the computer

Wireless Setup Wizard

  • To start with the Wireless setup wizard, go to the control panel and turn on the wireless icon
  • You can start executing the instructions of the wizard and your device will be automatically connected to the wireless network

Do you Come Across 123.hp.com Setup Envy Errors?

In case, if you are stuck with the Envy printer setup errors, we suggest you to start identifying the type of error that you face first.

  • If it is an Internet connection error, check the credentials that you use (Username and password)
  • Start printing a test page to check the Internet connection settings and make sure that all the settings are valid and accurate
  • Go for a quick restart of your Printer and if the setup errors still popup, then we suggest you to reset your device once
  • Try not to miss any of the steps of wireless setup wizard and execute them promptly
  • Check and verify the software that you use for your device and make sure that it is accurate and valid
  • HP always suggests users to use latest software that is compatible with the device

Get more guidelines to complete the Envy printer setup by visiting our webpage 123.hp.com/setup. Just speak to our customer support executives by ringing the 123.hp.com toll free number +1-888-719-4470