HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless Printer

HP OfficeJet 4650 is one of the best printer that is widely used to print your documents in outstanding quality and speed. To start with the process you need to collect all the essential requisites. Follow the set of onscreen instructions available on our webpage for the setup. Setup the printer using 123.hp.com/setup 4650 and start printing your documents. The device definitely becomes the best choice to complete all the printing tasks.

Essential Requirements for HP OfficeJet 4650 Wireless Printer Setup

  • Good speed network connection (wired and wireless)
  • Website to download the compatible software or Installation CD that has the software setup file
  • Execute the onscreen instructions
  • Finally, troubleshoot the errors if you come across any using the available troubleshooting tips

Once you collect all the requirements, go forward with the instructions to complete the 123.hp.com/setup 4650.

Begin the 123.hp.com/setup 4650 Process for Your Printer

123.hp.com/setup 4650

123.hp.com/setup 4650

First-time Printer Setup for the New Printer

  • Users who have purchased the printer for the first time can take out the printer from the package and remove the protective tapes that surround the printer. Ensure that the printer package has all the essential requirements (Power cable and Ethernet cable)
  • Connect all the cables in the respective slot and insert the power cable to power up the device. Connect the Ethernet cable if you prefer the wired connection

Guide to Set up the Printer to the Network Connection

Choose either wired or the wireless connection. If it is wired connect the Ethernet cable to the respective slot. For establishing the wireless connection choose the wireless connection option and then provide the credentials.

How to Download the Compatible Software for Your Printer

It is easy to download the compatible software for HP printers and there are two methods (Download from the customer support page or use the installation CD.

Guide to Complete the HP OfficeJet 4650 Driver Installation Using the Webpage

Navigate to the respective webpage and visit the section to download the compatible software. Going further, tap on the link and enter the version of the operating system. Also give the name of the Printer and then, the search results will appear.

Choose the latest version of the software. Select it and tap on the download tab. Go forward with the onscreen guide to complete the process. It is important to install the compatible version of the software

Also, make a note that you can disconnect the USB cable if prompted during the Software Installation

Use the Installation CD for the Process

Insert the CD to the computer. Extract the setup file from the download folder. Open the setup file. Once you tap on it you can go forward with the onscreen instructions.

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Software Errors – Check if you use the right version of the software. If it is old uninstall it and then install the right version of the software. Ensure that you use the right webpage for the process
  • Network Errors – Users who prefer the wireless connection can check the wireless network credentials. All you need to do is to choose the option wireless. If you prefer using the wireless setup wizard, select it and execute all the instructions of the wizard
  • Check the printer settings once- Go to the respective printer settings and ensure that all the settings are valid
  • Finally, print a test page to verify the network credentials (username and password)

Is this really how it happens?

How to Get 4650 Printer Software and Drivers?

  • Visit the HP customer support pageand provide the operating system version and printer name under the software download tab
  • Otherwise use the installation CD slide to get the relevant software

How to completely get rid of printing errors?

  • Check the Ink level on the cartridge and replace cartridgeswhen necessary
  • Go for a quick restartof your printer and check if the errors resolve
  • Use the latest troubleshooting app from HP for a quick device scan


Can I connect a USB device to the HP 4650?

  • Yes, Officejet 4650 printer models do have a USB port
  • Use it during the software download or for other copy or scan functions

Is HP Officejet 4650 an inkjet printer?

Undoubtedly yes, the Officejet 4650 is also known as an all-in-one inkjet printer that offers excellent features

Note : The software settings that you select in your driver is applicable only for printing and not for any other functions

To know more about the HP OfficeJet 4650 setup and the troubleshooting you can navigate to our webpage 123.hp.com/setup

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